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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the Thief2X project.


If you are looking for technical support:
please visit the Technical FAQ over at the forums.


Is this Thief 3 / CoSaS / the Thievery UT modification?

Nope. Thief 3 has been Officially Produced and Officially Released by ION Storm under Warren Spector's watchful eye... The Circle of Stone and Shadow (CoSaS) is a Fan-Made Campaign that's being built over at TTLG by the likes of Digital Nightfall, Trimfect, and Mokkis (among others). The Thievery UT Mod project is also Fan-Made, but has more to do with Unreal: Tournament than Thief.
"T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age" is a Fan-made expansion pack for Thief 2. Nothing to do with CoSaS (although CoSaS promises to be a wonderful experience), nothing to do with the Thievery Modification, and certainly nothing to do with ION's Thief 3. They'd hang us if we scooped T3 from them. Really, they would.

Are you sure T2X isn't CoSaS?


Will I need to own Thief 2 to play "Shadows of the Metal Age"?


This isn't some half-assed, rinky-dink little Fan Mission collection, is it?

Bite your tongue, knave. There's nothing rinky-dink about any FM. Even a small mission takes an awful lot of work to complete. T2X is a huge undertaking, with new missions, new characters, new weapons and equipment, and all that other good stuff. It's a full-out expansion pack for T2.

How large is "Shadows of the Metal Age"?

With 13 missions, new audio including 3000 lines of new dialogue, four cutscenes, a full set of briefings and a new art set, the final build of T2X weighs in at 655.8 megabytes.

Does "Shadows of the Metal Age" have different System Requirements than Thief 2?

Yes. If your system runs Thief 2 well, you shouldn't have much difficulty with T2X. However, these are our official Minimum Requirements:
600Mhz Pentium III CPU
GeForce 16 MB graphics card, compatible or better, with FULL Weather Support (Rain/Snow, Fog)
256 MB RAM
DirectX 9.x

Why a female lead? Why not Garrett?

When writing the storyline of "Shadows of the Metal Age," we discovered that a male lead had been so overused that it was nearly expected. We realized that a female character - especially Zaya - had so much more to offer in terms of an innovative gaming experience and plot line. This opened more doors for us and gave us a lot more room to put our creative drives to good use.
The very first thing we said when we started on T2X was, "no Garrett." Using him in this kind of large-scale campaign could only bring trouble if we were to write a story that fits snuggly into the already-established "Thief" universe, as well as ION's addition with Thief 3. And those doors I just mentioned? Slammed shut, boarded over.

What is an expected release date for "Shadows of the Metal Age"?

We're done! You can download it here.