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11/16/2014 - addink

T2X HD Texture Mod Announced

With the advent of the 1.19+ versions of the Thief executable the historic limits on texture sizes have been lifted. Since then, both Thief Gold and Thief 2 have already been treated to HD textures. Now it appears Thief2X is up for a treat..

To be released January 2015, the mod is to address the following:

  • added HD textures for all missions
  • added new vegetation
  • added new water and lava textures
  • added "NewDark Graphics Settings Tool"
  • added "Water Mod Tool"

More information and a truckload of screenshots can be found on

3/19/2012 - addink

Tłumaczenie T2X: Cienie Ery Metalu

Another translation, this time all our Polish friends get to play Thief2x in their native language thanks to the work of the translators at The 5 Elements of Darkness.

Head over to the translation's project page for files and installation instructions.

3/12/2010 - addink

Traducción T2X

Over at the forums, RobinG pointed out that the lovely people over at DLAN have translated Thief2x into Spanish.

Head over to the DLAN page for the translation patch and any installation instrucciones.

5/1/2008 - Raen

Thief2X "Making Of" Package Released

After several years and thousands of downloads, a small contingent of T2X developers have been hard at work again. We're pleased to announce an upcoming T2X "Making Of" package that will include a number of extras and goodies we've been wanting to share with the community for a long time. We'll be releasing a bunch of old mission files, plot and mission documents, audio extras, and a number of other files that should give our fans and fellow modders a look at some of the early planning and development of the project. In addition, Fett and I were able to record some movie-style "director commentary" over video play throughs of the entire project, which ended up being really fun. A quick run down of all of the features in the package includes:

  • a 30 minute "soundtrack" consisting of cutscene music and compilations of T2X ambient tracks, assembled by Gonchong
  • early drafts of several T2X missions
  • demo missions we built during development to showcase art and gameplay concepts
  • the final unstripped missions that shipped with T2X
  • some original map artwork
  • examples of some briefing pre and post-processed artwork
  • several example audio documents and audio scripts
  • the T2X schema folder, including all original T2X schemas and the original Thief 2 schemas we used
  • plot and story documents
  • mission design documents
  • and the commentaries over the entire play through

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2/18/2007 - Duncan

Thief2X v1.1 Released

The Dark Engineering Guild is proud to present the final version of Thief2X.

This is the version of T2X we always wanted to release and represents what can be achieved by a gaming community that simply refuse to let a great game fade into history. We would like to thank all the Taffers on the TTLG Thief Forums as well as the thousands of people out there who have played and supported this project. Many of the developers working on T2X have lost thier sanity (if they ever had it) over the years, but it was well worth it.

Again, thank you all and we hope you have enjoyed the ride. See you at the Bear Pits. :)

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1/1/2007 - Duncan

Happy New Year!!

We're starting the new year with the release of T2X v1.1 beta. This is an open beta release that aims to fix as many problems as we could, but given the nature of such a project, we are unable to fix every little oddity that people have reported. Hopefully it shall fix any major issues (not much of a patch otherwise) though. This version of Thief2X will also run as a dedicated installation and will not interfere with the original game or any Fan Missions in any way. That's enough talk... here's the link:

**Special thanks to Daniel Stepp**
5/15/2005 - Avalon

"Finally, this day has finally arrived!"

The first words that are spoken by Zaya couldn't be more appropriate for our last as we move from development to release. After five years of solid work and hard effort, five years of amazing support from the community, we hope you'll enjoy stepping into Zaya's shoes and living her tale of survival and revenge in the corrupt shadows of the City.

The list of mirrors will expand, but for now, T2X is hosted courtesy of FilePlanet, weighing in at 655.8 megabytes. Download it here! A BitTorrent is available as well from the mirror page. If you're on dialup, it is HIGHLY recommended you get a download manager that supports resume.

The entire team would like to thank the community for the support you've given that has allowed us to release one of the largest fan-made expansions any game has ever seen. It was thanks to you guys that we kept going. I'd like to thank the team for the awesome amount of work they put in, I know they'll be taking a well deserved rest after this.

Please visit the T2X forums at TTLG to discuss, or visit us in IRC on the StarChat network ( in #t2x

T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age - 655.8mb